Protect your Staff with these office furniture solutions in Sterling Virginia

If you’re looking for new ways to protect your customers, Sumner Furniture has the solution for you! Sumner Furniture & Design announced the launch of PlexiWorldWide LLC., a new business focused on helping companies nationwide keep their customer and employees sage.

The recent pandemic has caused many business owners to make changes in their commercial office environment. The newly launched side business PlexiWorldWide at Sumner Furniture aims to help you deal with the consequences of the global health crisis.

Sumner Furniture & Design has specialized in high quality new and used office furniture, design, and interior services such as as installations, and relocations since 2013. Their PlexiWorldWide business includes sneeze and cough guards, acrylic and polycarbonate screens, floor to ceiling room partitions, cubicle panels, specialized furniture materials to kill viruses and help businesses stay sanitary and social distance properly.

The Office furniture manufacturer also offers many options for attached and freestanding clear or frosted plexiglass panels to separate employees. These solutions are great for adding privacy to an open office environment.

The goal at PlexiWorldWide is to assist businesses in re-configuring their current office space for optimal health and safety. With a large capacity for production, whether you need one screen or a thousand, Sumner and PlexiWorldWide are ready to create a custom solution for you.

The Washington DC based startup has years of office furniture design and installation expertise.

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